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Authentic Assessment: Teaching and Assessing Facts, Skills, and Ideas

Led by: Carrie Eben, Owner of Classical Eben Education Consulting

Assessment is necessary, but how can we assess students humanely and honor their unique soul? Join Carrie Eben in a day-long seminar designed to equip both new and seasoned classical grammar and upper schoolteachers with tools for teaching and assessing in the classroom. Using Mortimer Adler’s Three Columns of Knowledge (Facts, Ideas, and Skills) as an overarching guide, this day-long seminar will give classical teachers practical and hospitable forms for teaching and assessing in these three areas. Teachers will practice forms for narration, mimesis, and discussion with the purpose of leading students toward skill mastery and virtue embodiment through relational and formational assessment. This all-day pre-conference seminar is ideal for those teachers who are new to teaching, new to classical education, or for seasoned teachers who want to hone their teaching and assessing skills.