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Beauty and Classical Education ​

Led by: Margarita Mooney Suarez and Jessica Hooten Wilson

The unity of beauty, truth, and goodness form the bedrock of classical education. As a result of this pre-conference, teachers will be better able to articulate to their students, parents, and administrators why beauty is integral to classical education and show concrete examples of beauty in their own teaching. The teaching format will include Socratic discussions, presentations by the organizers, small and large group discussions, and guided workshops. The guiding questions for this pre-conference include: Why exactly is beauty so central to a classical approach to learning? Given our technological and individualistic approach to learning and achievement, what are the opportunities and challenges to incorporating beauty into classical learning? What are some concrete ways that beauty can enter into the classical education classroom–from the decoration of the classroom to specific lesson plans in science, literature, history, and other fields? How can experiential forms of education in nature or encountering beauty in music, art, and literature point back to the unity of truth and the joy of classical learning? Does our own personal engagement with beauty influence how we see teaching as a vocation? What resources would help classical educators incorporate beauty into their teaching?