Beginning a Greek Curriculum: Two Models

Thursday, June 25 | 11:30-12:15pm

The majority of the essentials text studied in classical education were written in either Latin or Greek, yet many classical schools offer only Latin. This workshop is intended to provide administrators and language department chairs encouragement and confidence to beginning a Greek language program in their schools by offering a brief overview of two models of teaching Attic and Koine Greek within a classical school setting.

The first model is an advanced language class taught in the upper/rhetoric school years as an alternative to Latin, and the second model begins in the early years of the lower/grammar school years and extends through the upper/rhetoric school years, taught concurrently with Latin.

The workshop leader has worked with both models in the course of his career. Time will be given to examining the benefits and drawbacks of each model, the overall benefit of offering instruction in Attic and Koine Greek, and resources available for implementing each model. Time will be offered at the end of the workshop for questions and answers.

Dr. Jason Merritt

Dr. Jason Merritt is instructor of classical Greek and the senior thesis director at Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth, Texas. He has served classical schools in the Fort Worth Area for 12 years as both a teacher and headmaster. He has served as a translation consultant with Bible League International on Bible translation projects in Haitian Creole, Swahili, Japanese, and Croatian. He is the author of "Devils and Deviants: Religious Schism in 1st and 2nd John."