Being a Good Boss: Building a Healthy Relationship with Your One Employee

Thursday, June 25 | 10:30-11:15am

If your Board has had basic Board training, you know that a Head of School rarely stays beyond his or her fourth Board President. You may also know that school Heads do not reach their peak impact until they have been at a school for eight years or more. Most independent schools have Board Presidents who serve for two years or less. You can do the math. 

Do you know how to build a relationship between your Board and your Head that will foster longevity and boost your Head’s effectiveness? You know that you have only one employee but do you know how to lead that employee well? Getting into the operational weeds and being a rubber stamp are equally destructive. Learn how to walk the appropriate line in between and what it means for the Board to be a good and effective boss.

Leslie Moeller

Leslie Moeller is the Chairman of the Board of the Society for Classical Learning and has served on the SCL Board for 12 of the last 14 years. She currently consults with Classical, Christian schools across the nation in the areas of leadership, administrative function, and governance. She is a member of the Board of New Covenant Schools in Lynchburg, Virginia, and the Board of Academic Advisors for the Classic Learning Test. Most recently, she helped lead a three year restructuring of the Upper School at the Covenant School in Charlottesville, Virginia. Prior to her family’s move to Virginia in 2015, she spent 13 years at Geneva School of Boerne where she served in multiple roles including Chairman of the Board, Head of School, Capital Campaign Co-Chairman, founder and coach of Geneva’s nationally-ranked debate program and Senior Thesis instructor. She received her Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School and her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Economics from the University of Virginia. Leslie and her husband, Eric, have three children.