Beyond Surviving to Thriving: The Importance of a Classical Aesthetics

Thursday, June 25 | 11:30-12:15pm

Classical schools seek to cultivate wisdom and virtue through the contemplation of truth, goodness, and beauty and the acquisition of the liberal arts. Curricula and instructors impact students’ love of learning and challenge their thinking beyond the lessons.

But how do spaces within schools help us achieve our mission? The classical classroom requires a unique aesthetic. Do visitors know who you are from initial interaction with your common spaces? Do hallways serve as vessels to guide students into learning environments? Do classrooms focus on student learning?

Even budget-constrained schools can improve aesthetics through thoughtful streamlining and careful placement of age-appropriate classical elements that become learning tools to grow wise thinkers. Hear how one school created an environment that stimulates the mind and engages the students in peaceful, calm spaces. Learn how to establish a classical aesthetic that supports your school’s mission and educational model.

Paula Dwyer

Campus Administrator and Rhetoric School Principal
Coram Deo Academy

Mrs. Dwyer has been in both private and public education for over 30 years. She has taught at the Grammar/elementary, Logic/middle, Rhetoric/high school, and university levels. She was introduced to classical education in 2002 and has been a supporter of its philosophy and practices. She presents workshops for parents, teachers, and students. She enjoys learning from others.

Yvette Cavender

Grammar School Principal
Coram Deo Academy

Mrs. Cavender is the Grammar School Principal for the Flower Mound campus of Coram Deo Academy. She has been a classroom instructor at the grammar/elementary school level in both public and private schools. Yvette has been an advocate of classical education for many years. She presents to parents and teachers on effective educational practices.