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Classical Campus Clinic: Whys, Whats, and How to Go from Here to There

Led by: Christopher Miller, Urban Studio Architect, Glavé and Holmes Architecture

You have a school and you want to lead a vision for what it could be. Here is a day to invest in understanding the idea of a classical campus and its potential for enriching your school’s mission. There will be an alternation, first, of short instructional presentations (the grammar of classical architecture and place-making), then, your questions and discussions that build your dialectic confidence in exercising what you have begun to know. The featured opportunity, however, will be the consideration of particular campus challenges that are brought by participants. For these case-studies, you will send beforehand or bring along with you a plan of your campus and neighborhood, key photos, statements of mission, and an articulation of the problem.

1. Short Presentation. What makes a place, a neighborhood, and a campus? Seven Metrics.
2. Short Presentation. What to Look for in an Architect and What Can an Architect Do for Us?
3. Short Presentation. Lessons Learned: Eric Cook Covenant Classical School
4. Short Presentation. Visual or on-line tours of Charleston and Orvieto.
5. Dialogic. Group interpretation of the architecture and ornament in Pienza.
6. Dialogic. Group discussion of questions from participants.
Clinic: How to Go From Here to There (two to three 90 minute sessions)

Using a combination of slide presentation and real-time drawing, there will be consideration, discussion, and drawings of potential solutions to the development of particular campuses.