Classical Christian Education Factors Contributing to Resilient Faith

Thursday, June 25 | 11:30-12:15pm

Using recently completed doctoral research, this workshop examines the experiences of 10 classical Christian school alumni (from 3 different states) to explore which elements of their high school experience they described as helping contribute to their development of a faith that they maintained into adulthood. Additional information from a survey of 50 alumni (from 7 schools in four states) will also be shared. These research findings will be discussed in light of other research, including the work by the National Survey of Youth and Religion along with the recent Good Soil Study published by ACCS.

Participants will be equipped to better articulate which elements of classical Christian schools help best meet their mission of equipping students with a lasting faith, connecting the anecdotal stories at their respective school with broader research-based conclusions around faith and adolescents.

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Matthew Breazeale

Head of Lower School
Trinity Academy

Matthew Breazeale serves Trinity Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina as the Head of Lower School and Assistant Head of School. He has completed 6 years at Trinity, where he has also taught in the middle grades and served a brief stint as Interim Head of School. Prior to joining Trinity Academy, he taught and was an administrator in public schools in North Carolina. Matthew graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill for his undergraduate degree and Masters in School Administration, and completed his doctorate from Drexel University this June.