Effective School Websites

Thursday, June 25 | 2:30-3:15pm

School websites need to serve several audiences at once: prospective families, current families, and donors. That’s a tall order! Clay Vaughn, owner of Reverent Media, will walk through the key factors that contribute to a winning website for schools.

Clay Vaughan

Clay Vaughan is the owner and CEO of Reverent Media. Reverent Media, Inc. is a company that builds healthy digital businesses. We view it as more of an internal incubator that creates a thriving ecosystem of businesses aimed at presenting a high-integrity product to its clients while also supporting its sister businesses under the RMI umbrella. Several thriving companies beneath this organization are national brands such as Ambition, a digital marketing and web design agency geared at propelling growth for its clients. Other brands include Nerdly, Reverent Church Media, The Film Co., Reverent Wedding Films, and more!

Amy Burgess

Marketing Consultant<br>
Amy Burgess Consulting<br><br>

Amy Burgess attended Biola University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism and a minor in Biblical Studies. Amy and her husband, Josh, have two children: a son who graduated from Covenant in 2018, and a daughter who is a junior at Covenant. Amy and Josh are so grateful for the role Covenant has played in their family over the years.