Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that not everything in life goes smoothly, that’s why we are here to help. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. Please reach out to use via the chat in the bottom left-hand corner or through our Contact Us page. 

1. What is the goal of the SCL Livestream conference?

We are recording the entire conference for later viewing. This includes the four main stage events along with the more than 100 breakout rooms. But the truly interactive part of the event will be possible only during the two days. All of the breakout sessions will have two-way interactive ability from Q&A in the workshops and panels to the dynamic “Rapid Fire Roundtables” with 7-8 “best practices” shared by others. We are sending all schools a “Host Kit” to give your school lots of customized ideas for how to best use the time.

3. Is any of this recorded? Will the conference be interactive? Can I customize the conference to fit my needs for my school?

This “Survive to Thriving” themed conference will be attentive to the mindsets of our school leaders and teachers and ensure that topics are timely and relevant but also mixed with solid, timely classical Christian educator training and equipping. We are coming out of a long few months. Folks are tired and there are still many unanswered questions. We want to come away encouraged as there has never been a time the world needed us more to help raise the next generation of virtuous and highly adaptable students. 

5. Explain the tickets to me. What if I need a specific number?

We want this year’s conference to be one for ALL of your faculty and staff. So pricing is on an individual basis ($167) – a huge savings compared to sending someone to a physical conference, and it is significantly discounted for schools and sold as packages (15, 30, and 50 tickets) We encourage schools to buy a package and share a virtual ticket with all staff, including part-time staff who wouldn’t be able to attend typically. If you have a few extra tickets, consider donating them back and we will share them with smaller schools and those unable to attend otherwise. If you need a specific number of tickets, and the package isn’t the best fit, email us and we can pro-rate tickets to suit your needs at the package pricing. Cost should not be an obstacle for anyone or any school, so please contact us. Keep in mind that one traditional conference event with flight, hotel, registration, etc. would cost almost 5 times the price of this livestream conference.

2. Some people are feeling "Zoomed Out" these days. How is this different from another "watch the screen online conference" for two days?

We hope that by June you will be able to celebrate with a much-welcomed physical gathering of your staff and faculty to watch the livestreamed event on the main stage (Ted Talk style). During the 8 breakout sessions and lunch break, you can choose to use the time to gather as a group and/or send staff to participate in the breakout of their choosing (similar to the “real conference”). No one is expected to be in front of the computer for the whole time. For example, a grammar school teacher might watch the main stage presentations and then select breakouts from the grammar school track to be viewed individually or with a grammar school team. If you watch online from home, you will also benefit just as much due to the interactive components. Yes, we might be on computers more than ever due to the Pandemic, but we can certainly redeem the time and make it count!

4. Will everyone need their own device?

No, separate devices are not necessary if your team gathers as a group for the livestream sessions. The breakouts can be for smaller groups or individuals. So you only need devices for as many individual groups as you want, i.e. upper school teachers jointly participate in a breakout session. However, if you decide that it isn’t possible to physically gather then everyone on your team can “tune in” and will need their own devices.