Getting Students to Pay Attention to Endings

Thursday, June 25 | 10:30-11:15am

This workshop will demonstrate practical methods Latin teachers of all levels may use to help their students learn, retain, and use Latin vocabulary better. Among other things, it will include exercises for different learning styles, how to teach vocabulary from multiple directions, and how to introduce vocabulary both inductively and deductively.

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Timothy Griffith

Tim Griffith is a Fellow of Classical Languages at New Saint Andrews College. He teaches Latin to undergraduates and Latin Pedagogy at the graduate level, directs the national Phaedrus Latin Composition Contest, and has dedicated the last 17 years to recovering historical Latin pedagogical methods, drawing heavily on the work of the great Latin educators of history such as Erasmus, Commenius, and W.H.D. Rouse. Most recently he has been part of developing Picta Dicta (, an online learning platform with curriculum and teaching aids specifically designed to assist teachers and home educators in offering a classical education