Guiding Grammar Students through Beginning Socratic Discussion

Friday, June 26 | 3:30-4:15pm

While discussion is often at the heart of a classical school’s pedagogical approach, training students to think and speak well in the midst of a deeply engaging conversation can become as task that is undertaken only in upper school instruction. Yet, there is place for grammar students to begin the acquisition of skills necessary for conversation to thrive in their pursuit of the true, good, and beautiful.

Drawing from personal reflection and practical application in her 6th grade classroom, Ms. Dotters will walk through both an apologetic for beginning conversation instruction in grammar school and an approach taken in her own class to teach discussion skills.

Hilary Dotters

Master of Studies from the University of Oxford, M.A. in Jewish Studies from the Graduate Theological Union, B.A. in Philosophy from Biola University.

Having studied Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic, I am passionate about words, language, and persuasion, especially in their uses for the defense of the Gospel and the bolstering of the Church.

When I am not reading and writing, I love humorous and deep conversations, being outdoors with friends, playing games with my family, and running with my Weimaraner in the foothills.