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The History and Philosophy of Classical Christian Education ‚Äč

Led by: David Diener, Headmaster of Hillsdale Academy and Lecturing Professor of Education of Hillsdale College

Contemporary interest in classical Christian education is growing rapidly, but understanding exactly what defines this approach to education can be difficult. This full-day preconference seminar will help participants develop an understanding of classical Christian education through studying key aspects of its history and philosophy. Designed in particular for those relatively new to the movement, the talks and seminar discussions will be intellectually robust and instructive for all: newbies and seasoned practitioners alike. Together, we will learn about key ideas and thinkers in the history of this educational tradition, focusing on topics such as the nature and purpose of classical Christian education, the cultivation of virtue and formation of loves, the rationale for studying pagan texts, and the contemporary CCE renewal. Whether you are new to classical Christian education or have been in the movement for years, this seminar will help you to deepen your own understanding of classical Christian education and to communicate its distinctive characteristics to others.