Patio Discussion for 2nd-4th Grade Teachers on History & Literature Coming Alive

Thursday, June 25 | 3:30-4:15pm

This Patio will focus on discussing “History & Literature Coming Alive” in 3rd through 4 grade teachers:

Making history come to life for students can make all the difference in their retention of information presented to them.  What better way to bring history to life for them than to combine it with literature of the same time period? Providing students opportunities to “experience” a certain period in history will give them lifelong memories while adding to their building blocks of knowledge.

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Tonya Mowery

Tonya Mowery

4th Grade Grammar & Reading
Geneva School of Boerne

Tonya Mowery has just completed 20 years of classroom teaching, with the last 10 being at The Geneva School of Boerne. She has taught first, second, and fourth grades. Tonya earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Texas Christian University. She holds a State of Texas Life Certification in English and General Grades 1-8. In the fall Tonya will begin her 5th year of teaching Language Arts in fourth grade at Geneva where she enjoys seeing medieval history and literature come to life. She loves teaching in the classical setting where the virtues of prudence, courage, temperance, and justice are taught through discovering truth, goodness, and beauty in all areas of school activities.

Hana Rodgers

Mrs. Hana Rodgers has a Master’s degree from the Czech Republic in English, Social Sciences, and Education. She loves sharing her love for God with her 3rd graders and is thankful for the opportunity to pursue the mission, vision and values of The Cambridge School in San Diego. Her excitement for the richness of the Christian classical education began in 2012 and has only deepened with time. She has had the privilege to grow in her art of teaching through attending conferences and training, but especially thanks to the help of her talented administrators and colleagues at The Cambridge School. She is grateful for the opportunity to point her students daily to the truth of God’s Word and to form the minds of her students. She is passionate about creating wonder and love of learning in her students and is always eager to improve in this area. She enjoys teaching her students about their Creator, diagramming, thinking of new ways to integrate the many subjects she gets to teach, creating history events to bring history to life for her students, helping her students understand and enjoy math, and much more.