How Languages Impact Learners & What We Can Measure in Learners

Thursday, June 25 | 2:30-3:15pm

If you have loved Latin and taught it, you understand its value and impact. Why is it so hard to inspire the uninitiated or the resistant? In this seminar, we will look beyond the classic top reasons to study a language, discuss SLA research and various methodologies, and examine the impact of studying languages on students’ overall linguistic development. We will further evaluate traditional assessments and how they measure language learning.

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Lisa Snyder

Foreign Language Department Head
Covenant Christian Academy Colleyville

Lisa Snyder has taught foreign languages for 28 years. With experience ranging from teaching pre-k and grammar school exploratory programs to the standard sequential college classroom, Lisa has researched and applied effective methodologies for second language acquisition. An avid language student herself, she has studied Latin, French, Modern Hebrew, Spanish, American Sign Language, Russian, German, and a bit of Italian. Since 2002, Lisa has served as Foreign Language Department Head at Covenant Christian Academy. While maintaining a vibrant program at CCA has been her main focus, she has consulted with other classical schools to develop programs that align well with Classical education.