Ideas for Effective Arts Teaching Under COVID-19 Realities

Friday, June 26 | 2:30-3:15pm

This conference, daily routines, summer plans — and teaching in the Arts this fall: all these have been massively upended by the COVID pandemic. What are we to do as teachers of some of the most embodied, real-time, shared-space, living, breathing classes in the curriculum?

This patio session will be a forum for idea-sharing as we all have to figure out what we can and what we cannot do this fall; new ways to do old things; how “distanced” can still be “close;” practical set-ups and routines for our classrooms, band/choir rooms, stages and studios; how “less” might actually be an opportunity for “more.” Drop in to listen and share!

Phil Dickerson

Phil has worked as an actor and theatre educator in the DC Metro and Charlottesville areas for over 10 years. After obtaining his MFA in Acting from The Catholic University of America in 2009 he performed in both equity and non-equity theatres such as Shakespeare Theatre Company, Roundhouse Theatre, Kennedy Center, Washington Stage Guild. As an educator he has worked in the private and public sector as a guest artist, director, and head teacher, working on over 50 different plays and musicals with both actors and technical students. Phil strives to empower his students with a wide range of tools to choose from when creating new characters and authentic relationships on stage. He pulls from the pedagogies of Stanavlaski, Hagen, Meisner, Laqoc, and Bogart; techniques he uses in his own practice. He also makes a point of working classical plays and verse work into his teaching whenever possible. His work is built on a foundation of always seeking what is True through high expectations, dedication, and vulnerability.

Scott Maynard

Scott has been teaching art at Faith Christian School in Roanoke, Virginia for the last twelve years. He is the Fine Arts Chairman and teaches students from Junior Kindergarten to 12th grade. He is married and has six children.