Inspirational Assessment and Accountability in Latin/languages

Friday, June 26 | 11:30-12:15pm

This session will address positive ways that administrators hold their teachers accountable and ways teachers hold their students accountable, esp. in the context of teaching Latin. On the teacher front, observations, meetings, grade-book checks, and collaborative initiatives represent some of the most frequently used assessment tools. Each will be considered with best practices and practical advice. On the student front, assessments range from quizzes to national exams, formal to informal, summative exams to surgical “tickets out the door”, from project to finals. 

How do these fit within a reasonably aligned curriculum? How can we maintain differentiation, fairness, and transparent grading practices simultaneously? What about creativity, Latinity, and spontaneity? This seminar will explore these questions with resources, best practices, and categories to help administrators serve their teams and school more effectively, and when possible inspirationally.

Marcus Foster

Marcus Foster graduated from Baylor University with a B.A. in Classics in 2000. He worked with youth in Berlin, Germany for 5 years, part of which was also spent studying theology at Humboldt Universität. He completed a M.Hum. in Classics/Theology from the University in Dallas in 2011. Marcus has taught Latin for 12 years (among other subjects) at Covenant Classical School (Fort Worth, TX) and currently chairs the languages department. He and his wife, Julie, have been married for 16 years, blessed with three beautiful daughters and one strapping son.