Moral Philosophy as Capstone Experience

Thursday, June 25 | 10:30-11:15am

This workshop identifies the ways in which a moral philosophy course, centered on the disputed question genre, can serve as a capstone experience in classical Christian schools, and prepare students for independent thesis projects. After a brief introduction, workshop participants will collectively construct a disputed question to take a stand on a sample moral issue. Then, in group discussion, we will reflect on the ways the exercise draws on and applies the key components of a classical Christian education–not just grammar, logic, and rhetoric, but scientific and historical learning, as well as virtue education and Biblical literacy.

We will discuss a wide variety of curricular applications for the disputed question genre, but will conclude with remarks about the prospects and importance of revitalizing the traditional capstone course in moral philosophy.

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Todd Buras

Todd Buras is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Baylor. He is a founding member of Texas chapter of the Alcuin Fellowship. He developed and taught a moral philosophy curriculum for Live Oak Classical School in Waco, TX, where his three sons are being educated.