Overwhelmed? Key Elements to Managing Stress

Thursday, June 25 | 4:30-5:15pm

This Patio Q&A will allow for conversation about the stress inherent in school leadership. Have a few questions about how to manage stress and or principles for good self care? Sharing individual experiences and stories and getting seasoned perspective could go along way in helping you to better understand how to take the relentless pressures of school leadership – or any role in a school, and keep it in its proper perspective.

Eleanor Wells

Eleanor Wells was a board member of Faith Christian School in Roanoke, VA for the first 6 years of the school and her two sons are graduates of the school. Later, she was the first Director of Enrollment at FCS. She has been a parent, donor, volunteer, board member and employee therefore, truly understanding many sides of a Christian Classical School.

Recently, she graduated from Lipscomb University’s Performance Coaching Program and is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation. Much of her coaching practice is focused on Compassion Fatigue and Burnout with those in helping professions. After years of working with several nonprofits and ministries she has witnessed the toll of helping others on the lives of the helpers – the Cost of Caring. Through leading workshops and individual coaching, she has been able to help helpers learn to identify their risk factors, their symptoms and develop plans to deal with CF and Burnout.

There is much in the literature around CF and Burnout with social workers, health providers, ministry leaders, law enforcement, and animal workers, yet, there is little written about those in education. However, it is clear that the issue exists and needs to be addressed. Eleanor hopes that by providing awareness and practical helps at the SCL conference that many will benefit. She will also be available during the conference for individual coaching appointments, at no cost.

I am now the CEO of Cohort4Care, a company that provides coaching, consulting and education on burnout and Compassion Fatigue. You may want to visit our website at Cohort4Care.com. Our primary focus is healthcare but we are available to provide services to any helping profession. We work with individuals and organizations.