Partnering with Parents

Friday, June 26 | 10:30-11:15am

Most of our schools claim to partner with parents in their responsibility to educated their children. But what do we really mean by this partnership and what can be done to make sure that the language around partnership is not a simply warm-and-fuzzy brochure claim? Veritas School has put several practices in place to establish, maintain, and repair partnership with parents so that minor differences and misunderstandings do not threaten it. Robyn will share both what is done and the principles behind those practices.

Robyn Burlew

Robyn has served as Head of Upper School at Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia, for six years, after serving for fifteen years as a teacher and administrator at Covenant Christian Academy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She has a B.A. in Biology from Houghton College and a M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum and Instruction from Covenant College. She enjoys spending time with her three adult daughters and a son-in-law, all of whom live in Richmond. Robyn's leisure time is filled with kayaking, gardening, two golden retrievers, and piano playing. She is a member of Redeemer Anglican Church in Richmond.