Patio Q&A with Francis Su

Friday, June 26 | 2:30-3:15pm

This Patio Q&A with Francis Su will be directly after his Live Main Stage Session. 

Recommended Resources:
Mathematics for Human Flourishing by Francis Su

Francis Su

Benediktsson-Karwa Professor of Mathematics
Harvey Mudd College

Francis Edward Su is the Benediktsson-Karwa Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, and former president of the Mathematical Association of America. He received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and his Ph.D. from Harvard University. His research is in geometric combinatorics and applications to the social sciences and he has co-authored numerous papers with undergraduates. He also has a passion for teaching and popularizing mathematics. From the Mathematical Association of America, he received the 2018 Halmos-Ford award for writing, and the 2013 Haimo Award for distinguished teaching. He authors the popular Math Fun Facts website and is creator of “MathFeed,” the math news app. His book Mathematics for Human Flourishing, published by Yale University Press, launches January 7, 2020. It is an inclusive vision of what math is, who it’s for, and why anyone should learn it.

On Twitter: @mathyawp and Instagram: @frandogger