Patio Discussion for 3rd-6th Grade Teachers on Simplifying Problem Solving

Friday, June 26 | 3:30-4:15pm

This Patio Discussion is designed for 3rd through 6th Grade Teachers, focusing on the best practices to simplify problem solving in the Grammar School Mathematics classroom.

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Dr. Cristina Dube

Dr. Cristina Dube is in her 7th year as the grammar school mathematics specialist at the Geneva School of Boerne. She holds a Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Liberty University and has been involved in mathematics education for over 30 years. She is the author of The Three R's of Mathematics published in The Journal in 2019. The results of her dissertation, Self-Efficacy Score Differences Between Supported, Unsupported, Departmentalized, and Non-Departmentalized Classical Christian Elementary Mathematics Teachers, will be published soon. Prior to working at Geneva, she spent 14 years as an assessment specialist writing math textbooks and tests. She has a passion for mathematics education, classical education, and connecting mathematics to other disciplines.

Hana Rodgers

Mrs. Hana Rodgers has a Master’s degree from the Czech Republic in English, Social Sciences, and Education. She loves sharing her love for God with her 3rd graders and is thankful for the opportunity to pursue the mission, vision and values of The Cambridge School in San Diego. Her excitement for the richness of the Christian classical education began in 2012 and has only deepened with time. She has had the privilege to grow in her art of teaching through attending conferences and training, but especially thanks to the help of her talented administrators and colleagues at The Cambridge School. She is grateful for the opportunity to point her students daily to the truth of God’s Word and to form the minds of her students. She is passionate about creating wonder and love of learning in her students and is always eager to improve in this area. She enjoys teaching her students about their Creator, diagramming, thinking of new ways to integrate the many subjects she gets to teach, creating history events to bring history to life for her students, helping her students understand and enjoy math, and much more.

Cyndi Lehn

Ms. Cyndi Lehn currently teaches 4th and 5th grade Singapore math at the Cambridge School in San Diego, where she has been a grammar school mathematics specialist for the past 7 years. During that time, she has taught Singapore Math in both 3rd grade and 6th grade as well. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Biola University and a Single Subject Secondary Teaching Credential in Math from California State University, Fresno. Prior to working at Cambridge, she homeschooled her 4 children from grades K-12. She has a passion for helping students develop an enjoyment of problem solving and deepen their love of learning through the avenue of math. When she’s not teaching, she loves reading, painting, hiking, swing dancing, and long walks on the beach.