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Leading Schools Amidst America’s Contentious Cultural Climate

Practicing Political Prudence

Why, at the end of every year in recent memory, does American society collectively breathe a sigh of relief, thankful that it’s over, and hopeful, yet cynical, that the next year might bring with it less political chaos and cultural division? The turbulence can be exhausting.

It’s not surprising. The societal fragmentation of the country is felt across every aspect of life: in the family, in school, at work, and across friendships and relationships. No one seems to get along anymore: that much is apparent, and while “politics” widely remains the default answer for why, the real reason is found more closely in the social dynamics of our increasingly social media-driven age of technology and information.

Yet, we cannot return to the pre-digital era. And author and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt contends, American democracy is now operating outside the bounds of sustainability. So, as leaders, what are we to do?

Join an all-star group from Classical Academic Press and SCL, including Chris Perrin, Brian Williams, Eric Cook, Jesse Hake, Joelle Hodge, and Heads of School Katharine Savage and Travis Koch as we revisit and learn from the past, consider the thorny present, and pave a way forward. 

Through lecture, discussion, and case studies, we’ll discuss answers to:

  • What does our Christian faith have to say about handling political systems?
  • How do we prepare the next generation for democratic citizenship in the new digital age? 
  • How are we to practically respond to the polarizing politics of today? 
  • How does our culture’s obsession with identity further cloud our judgment and what do we do about it? 
  • As leaders, what mindset will help us realistically navigate these turbulent times?