Should Your High School Teach AP Math and Science Courses?

Thursday, June 25 | 10:30-11:15am

The “AP” label on a math or science course provides a certain level of credibility and recognition of its academic rigor. Yet not all schools offer AP courses, and some private schools are choosing to move away entirely from offering AP courses. There are many competing considerations when deciding whether to offer AP courses. This talk will address several of the major issues, including: breadth of AP curricula, and the College Board’s control over the syllabus; the parental community’s support for the AP label and its implications for college admissions; potential conflicts with your school’s academic calendar; the academic goals of your school’s math and science courses, and curricula in general. What is right for your school? Mr. Corley will address these issues, and some of the factors influencing curriculum decisions at Regents School of Austin. The senior Physics and Calculus courses at Regents will be used as a case study.

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Chris Corley

Math & Science Chair
Regents School of Austin

After a sixteen year career in engineering and software in Austin, Chris came to Regents School of Austin as a high school math and science teacher in 2004. During his 16 years at Regents he has taught 12 courses in the math and science departments and has served as department chair for over 10 years. Chris is thankful to teach in an environment where he can integrate his Christian faith with his love of studying mathematical and scientific topics. His vocational passion is to share with students some of the ways God's eternal power and divine nature can be perceived in His good creation. Chris and his wife Diane have been married for 31 years and have three daughters, all Regents alumnae. Their whole family has been blessed by the Christian community at Regents.