Andrew Elizalde

Mathematical Reasoning and Rhetoric

Friday, June 26 | 10:30-11:15am Math & Science Session Recording Too many students graduate from classical schools able to compose persuasive and eloquent theses in everything other than mathematics. Their encounter with mathematical proofs is often limited to a high school geometry course preceded by some kind of disconnected prelude in middle school logic. The proofs they encounter thereafter are often in the form of… Read More »Mathematical Reasoning and Rhetoric

Tinkering and Visualizing: Gateways to Building Intuition and Rigor

Thursday, June 25 | 3:30-4:15pm Math & Science Session Recording In this panel, join the organizers of the previously scheduled pre-conference on Cultivating Soulful Mathematicians. Teaching and learning mathematics orients ourselves and our students in a posture of wonder and gratitude, with a desire to worship God and serve one another in community. Mathematics is the language through which we describe the natural world and… Read More »Tinkering and Visualizing: Gateways to Building Intuition and Rigor