The Case Statement & Inviting Support For a New God-Centered School

Friday, June 26 | 3:30-4:15pm

In this workshop, Dan Olson will share sample Case Statements from Founder School clients and share stories of how five new schools have successfully launched through inviting donors into sustainable, mission-based generosity, and how the Founders Program with Spreading Hope Network is designed to accelerate your kingdom vision.

Dan Olson

Dan Olson serves as Executive Director of Spreading Hope Network, where he oversees strategic direction, networking urban Christian educators, and serving aspiring school planting groups in discerning the call to start and lead new schools in their communities. He also serves as Managing Director of Anselm House, a center for Christian study at the University of Minnesota. For three years, he directed the donor ministries team of The Gospel Coalition, after having overseen advancement and operations at Hope Academy from 2006-2014. Dan began his career in Christian Education at Minnehaha Academy, where he taught English Literature, Speech and Debate. He received his bachelor’s degree in communications from Wheaton College (IL), and a master’s degree in Christian Studies from Regent College (Vancouver, Canada). In addition to helping lead children’s ministry at his church, he serves on the board of directors of Hope Academy. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Lucy, and their four children.