Patio Q&A on Training Teachers Without a Computer Science Background

Thursday, June 25 | 3:30-4:15pm

The session is a Patio Q&A and will focus on the establishment of a computer science in classical schools, particularly for teachers that do not have a formal computer science background. We will discuss the importance of computational logic and its role in classical education, pedagogical principles, consideration and resource management, and course design and implementation.

Esteban Cantu

Esteban Cantu is a chemist (M.S. Chemistry, Texas A&M University - Kingsville, 2013) and educator with over 10 years of applied research experience at a national research center. His professional background has allowed him to develop strong foundations in project & lab management, teaching, and student mentorship. His research efforts have engendered seven publications in international peer-reviewed journals, one book chapter, and numerous speaking roles and presentations.Esteban was a three-year faculty member at Veritas Academy where he taught chemistry, molecular biology, and helped establish the AP computer science principles course. He is currently continuing his graduate studies at UT in the field of STEM Education.