Alcuin & Aquinas Level Sponsors

Classical Academic Press

CAP is a classical education curriculum, media, and consulting company with a touch of creativity.

Classic learning test

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is a suite of assessments and college entrance exam for grades 7-12, utilizing an online platform and source material drawn from authors and thinkers that students should be reading.

Circe Institute

The CiRCE Institute is a leading provider of inspiration, information, and insight to classical educators.

The official bookseller of The Society For Classical Learning 

Augustine Level Sponsors

Gordon College

Gordon College prepares students for a greater purpose, where faith meets intellect, leadership meets service, ideas meet action, and purpose meets practice.

Memoria Press

Memoria Press is a family-run publishing company that produces classical Christian education materials for home and private schools.

Middle School MBA

Middle School MBA offers a Next-gen Business and Economics learning experience for ages 11 to 17.

New Saint Andrews College

New Saint Andrews College is committed to graduating leaders who shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Rafiki Foundation

Rafiki is training Africans to transform Africa for Christ. Through education, teacher training, bible study, and more

Templeton Honors College

Templeton Honors helps students integrate their intellectual, moral, and spiritual lives by studying the Great Books of the Western Tradition.

Veritas Press

Veritas Press is the leader in classical Christian education and home of the VSA online school.

Wilson Hill Academy

Wilson Hill Academy is a LIVE online and fully accredited classical Christian school...

Conference Exhibitors

Anglican School Association

ASA supports member schools in fulfilling the spiritual, intellectual, and moral objectives of an Anglican educational program.

Baylor Honors College

Baylor Honors College provides a foundation in literature, theology, and philosophy through small, seminar-style classes.


A Classical History and Literature Curriculum for Christian Home Schoolers, Home School Cooperatives and Schools


Want to know what First Things First: Keeping Your Classical Christian School on Track is all about?

The Champion Group

The Champion Group exists to empower schools and non-profits to accomplish greater impact through increased funding and effectiveness.

The Focus Group

The FOCUS Group has been building the kingdom of God by serving nonprofits in raising capital and cultivating major donors.

Incarnational Coaching

Incarnational Coaching exists to help coaches make evident the way of Jesus in athletics.

Spreading Hope Network

Spreading Hope Network exists to foster hope in God by kick-starting new God-centered schools for children of the city.

Schola Inbound Marketing

Schola Inbound Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency for private Christian schools and universities.